Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New rivalry

Last night watching the game, Lakers vs Celtics game 3 i notice
Kobe and pierce talking with smiles on their faces but the conversation was not
pretty. it kind of reminded me of magic and bird when they use to play,
with fake smiles but their harts burning with dicier to just dunk on each
other and show how it is really done them in front of the crowd but when
it comes to it skills and commitment will be the judge of that.

In the play-offs anything can happen
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Manny people say they dislike Kobe Bryant because he dose not pass the ball
so much , because he dose not give his team an opportunity to shine but i think
is not hate or dislike i think is the envy or jealousy people have on Kobe. why?
too good, maybe because some people say he is unstoppable on one-on-one
offence or maybe because some people debate about him been the next
Michael Jordan. All i know is that the people that say Kobe is a "chuck" never
have a good argument only wishing that their favorite player was as good as Kobe Bryant.